Steven Rado:


    Since Newton's "hypothesis non fingo" regarding to the mechanical causes of gravity, physics seems to have passed by our comprehension. The physical causality of mechanistic geniuses, like Descartes, Galileo, Kepler, Huygens, Leibnitz, Bernoulli et al., has been replaced by the mysterious and inconceivable "action at a distance forces". Classical logic and common sense were substituted by mathematical formalisms manufactured to fit unexplained experimental data. By abolishing the Aether, Einstein erased the last possible connection between physics and causality and established the new trend of science: Experimental Mathematics.
    Through Quantum Mechanics this new trend eventually lead to the mathematical conclusion that space must be filled by a "seething vacuum" of a "zero-point energy field" which returns us to the conclusion of previous centuries that space must be filled with some kind of contiguous, particulate medium. The latest words in modern physics were Bohr's Copenhagen statements: Reality doesn't exist until it is measured!....This measuring procedure must be translated to classical mechanical concepts!
    Thisarticle attempts to show that since our mind evolved in the mechanical environment of the macroscopic world, our only chance to "understand" Nature is through mechanical analogies and abstractions. It contemplates the reinstatement of the Aether in the form of the classical ideal gas of Thermodynamics in a supermundane order of magnitude.
    In the ideal gas model of the Aether, its units, the Aethrons and their random motions are the fundamental source of Newton's Laws, where inertia, momentum and force are equivalent with Descartes' philosophical mechanistic concepts: matter, eternal motion and collision. 

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